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Inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders in Europe

TBD, 2021
Turin, Italy


"A unique opportunity for founders and students to get valuable insights from world industry leaders and build great businesses in Europe."

John Elkann

Introduction Ecosystem Leadership
Massimo Lapucci
Massimo Lapucci CEO of CRT Foundation
Andrea Griva
Andrea Griva Vice President of the School of Entrepreneurship and Innovation (SEI)
Opening Keynote Excellence in European Research
Fabiola Gianotti Director General of CERN
Panel Talk Deep Tech Innovation in Europe
Gemma Milne
Moderated by Gemma Milne Tech Writer and Founder of Science: Disrupt
Josh Wolfe22
Josh Wolfe Founder and Managing Partner of LUX Capital
Stefano Buono
Stefano Buono Founder of Advanced Accelerator Applications (AAA)
Bjorn Tremeerie
Bjorn Tremmerie Head of Venture Capital at European Investment Fund (EIF)
Main Session Dialogue
Daniel Ek
Daniel Ek Founder and CEO of Spotify
John_Elkann 0008©AndreaGuermani
John Elkann Chairman/CEO of Exor
09:00 09:30
09:30 10:00
Introduction M. Lapucci (CRT) & A. Griva (SEI)
10:30 10:50
SEI Pioneers
10:30 10:50
Opening Keynote F. Gianotti (CERN)
10:50 11:45
Panel Talk J. Wolfe (Investor) - S. Buono (Unicorn) - B. Tremmerie (Enabler)
11:45 12:30
Main Session D. Ek (Spotify) & J. Elkann (Fondazione Agnelli)
12:30 12:45

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