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Ultromics is at the heart of an American-British research alliance against COVID-19


While the current global COVID-19 pandemic has isolated billions and caused every country to adapt its own distinct response strategy, research on how to combat and hopefully cure the disease has seen a worldwide effort. Ultromics, a participant at the 2019 edition of the SEI Torino Forum, has been playing its part in the united research offence against COVID-19. 

Ultromics in a nutshell

Ultromics was founded in May 2017 at the University of Oxford by Ross Upton and Professor Paul Leeson. While pursuing his PhD at the University of Oxford, Ross worked with Professor Leeson, Consultant Cardiologist and Head of the Oxford Cardiovascular Research Facility, to develop the world’s first outcomes-driven, AI-based ultrasonic diagnostic support solution for coronary artery disease (CAD). During development, the team assembled and analysed 120,000 echocardiographic images from clinical trials conducted at the University of Oxford. The team then tracked patient progress throughout the following year, collecting crucial longitudinal data specifying patient outcomes.  

This process eventually led to the creation of EchoGo. The EchoGo suite provides AI enabled echocardiogram software to support physicians in detecting cardiovascular disease. Echocardiogram images are automatically sent to Ultromics for analysis and artificial intelligence assists in identifying suspected heart disease, sending a report back within minutes. The system is zero click and has zero variability.

American-British alliance

Ultromics has been working in partnership with the legendary Mayo Clinic, a nonprofit organisation committed to clinical practice, education and research while also providing expert medical care, which was ranked number 1 in the United States for 2019-20 U.S. News & World Report Best Hospitals Honour Roll. The American institute will provide data that will be analysed through the EchoGo platform to help understand the characteristics of cardiac involvement by those affected by the virus. They hope to be able to optimise patient management so that in times of resource scarcity, physicians will have the gift of time to treat those most in danger. 

According to Guided Solutions, Ultromics has partnerships with major cardiology clinical centres in the US and 30 NHS centres in the UK. Through the partnerships, the company is continuously improving its scanning algorithms by analysing the archive of scans held by these centres — as can be seen in deep learning, the performance of a system will steadily improve in alignment with the increase in size of the dataset available to the neural network. As such, this solution will improve with time, so initial testing will give them only a window into the magnitudes of success that could be enabled with further training.

Learn more about this partnership between Ultromics and Mayo Clinic, by checking out these two articles:

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