Tech Bites Book #1: The Art of the Start by Guy Kawasaki

The Art of the Start Guy Kawasaki

For this week’s “tech bite”, SEI is recommending The Art of the Start by Guy Kawasaki. This book is a must-read for entrepreneurs — particularly those who aspire to work in the technology industry. If you want to learn about every step on the road to making a concept into a product, then this book will give you exclusive access into the world of startup entrepreneurs from a man who’s seen almost everything.


Guy Kawasaki graduated Stanford with a major in Psychology in 1976 and went on to complete an MBA at UCLA the following year. He would then go onto experience a variety of sectors in the business ranging from diamonds to tech companies. In The Art of the Start, Kawasaki brings two decades of experience as one of the business’s most original and irreverent strategists to offer the essential guide for anyone starting anything, from a multinational corporation to a church group. At Apple in the 1980s, he helped lead one of the great companies of the century, turning ordinary consumers into evangelists. As founder and CEO of Garage Technology Ventures, a venture capital firm, he has field-tested his ideas with dozens of newly hatched companies.


Moreover, as the author of bestselling business books and articles, he has advised thousands of people who are making their startup dreams real. From raising money to hiring the right people, from defining your positioning to creating a brand, from creating buzz to buzzing the competition, from managing a board to fostering a community, this book will guide you through an adventure that’s more art than science—the art of the start.


It is not only the content of the book which is excellent but also the way in which Kawasaki writes: his anecdotes brim with humor and his writing carries a lot of character in its words. The Art of the Start is written in a snappy take-no-prisoners style. At times it’s sarcastic and snarky but that is exactly how Kawasaki conveys the truth behind his experiences; trust us, there are few people in the world who have experienced what he has.   

Top takeaways

  • This book is ideal for any budding entrepreneur but especially those interested in the tech sector; 
  • Kawasaki is able to cover both the bare-bones and complicated nuances regarding the startup world;
  • Any reader will benefit from his battle-hardened experiences and advice. 

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