Sustainability, circular economy and bio-fuel: these are the challenges launched to the Bio-Engineering team

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The circular economy and the reuse of industrial and agricultural waste are fundamental in today’s society. For this reason, we asked the Bio-Engineering team to find innovative solutions in the agricultural sector with the support of the Italian Institute of Technology.

The challenge focuses on two phases: the first is to explore low-cost solutions to exploit the gases that can be extracted from waste products of agricultural companies. Bioethanol, in fact, can be used to create alternative fuels. The second phase aims to connect physical infrastructures with digital ones in order to allow farmers to store and share these resources, applying the Circular Economy.

In this challenge students are not alone: in fact, ​​they have a technical partner of excellence, the IIT – Italian Institute of Technology. The Institute gave them important tools to better face the challenge: means for the production of biogas, for the separation of carbon dioxide and for its transformation into biofuel.

ITT rewards and promotes excellence in research, both basic and applied, and supports Italian economic development. With these premises, the Bio-engineering team couldn’t ask for a better technical partner. Special thanks are also due to Angela Re and Sergio Bocchini, IIT researchers, for their support.

The first test for our pioneers is getting closer: the Demo Day of December 15, 2019. They will have finally the opportunity to show the fruits of their work in front of a jury of experts and investors. 

Michele, a member of the team, joined the project because “for the first time he decided to challenge himself, by doing more than just studying”. Valeria instead “dreams of founding her own startup based on innovative technologies with a strong social impact”.

Michele, Valeria, Simona, Amin, Johnny, Jeremy, Andrea, and Giorgio are ready to face the challenge: thanks to the support of Andrea Lamberti and Stefano Bianco, and the mentors of the SEI School they have all the credentials to find amazing visionary solutions.

Follow us to discover them!

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