Startups and environment: the “green” prototypes born in SEI

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“Only one Earth” is the slogan with which the World Environment Day was celebrated for the first time in 1974. 45 years later the issue of environmental protection continues to be of crucial importance, especially for those who, like us, “live” on entrepreneurship and innovation.

Prototypes that protect the environment

Just a few months ago we asked students to develop innovative and daring prototypes and they didn’t back out. 6 prototypes were born and they will have a deep impact on the environment using image recognition, AI and autonomous driving.

Our eco-startups

Here are the prototypes of our young entrepreneurs who have turned environmental protection into their mission:

Wiseair is a plant-device that perfectly combines technology and design refinement. Created with the aim of measuring air pollution, the vessel increases public awareness and, at the same time, gathers important data for research.

Zibby, on the other hand, is a self-driving robot that overturns the paradigm of autonomous driving delivery: it is designed to collect waste from our beaches.

A similar project is BOA, an innovative float capable of collecting and measuring microplastics in the seas.

A different approach is that of Woosh, the sink dishwasher. Its small size and great speed are its strengths: designed to wash dishes in just 20 seconds, Woosh significantly reduces water waste and consumption.

Wave is a flower-robot that blooms and withers depending on the amount of electricity consumed. Its purpose is to raise awareness among adults and children about energy consumption.

Finally, there is Match, an intelligent bin that, thanks to an image recognition system, is able to automatically sort waste. This is an innovative solution for collecting waste in public places.

From “simple” ideas to successful startups

Since our students presented their first prototype a few months have passed. Now, with great satisfaction, Wiseair has won “DesignYourImpact”, an initiative promoted by SocalFare. The guys will then switch to the selections for the eighth edition of Foundamenta, an acceleration program for startups and companies with a social impact.

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