Our Pioneers took up the challenge: find new forms of communication between Space and Earth!

space tech team

The Space Tech Team, born within the Pioneer program, will face the challenge of accelerating the advent of optical telecommunications in free space for satellites.

For years aerospace innovation has been an exclusive preserve of governments and big companies, but this condition is changing fast. Many producers are waiting for new free-space optical communications technologies capable of making satellites more performing, thus creating space for new actors.

To discover something that is even difficult to imagine, you need visionary minds capable of thinking outside the box. That’s why our Pioneers took up the challenge. The team consists of Alessandro, Andrea, Fabio, Andrea, Riccardo, Stefano and Tommaso, who are all selected students of the ASP and coming from the Polytechnic of Milan and Turin.

The skills are heterogeneous: this allows the group to better face the challenge, always under the guidance of their tutor, Sabrina Corpino, and the mentors of the SEI School. Since the first workshops, they had the opportunity to speak with many experts, including Dave Anilkumar – Head of Innovation and Technology Transfer Unit of the Italian Space Agency


First of all, they will take part in some events, such as T-TeC. The Telespazio Technology Contest is aimed at all students that work on innovative technological matters in the aeronautical and space sector. The team competes in the hybrid communication sector and, if they will be selected, they will do their pitch in Rome in a few weeks. 

Furthermore, they will join the SPACE TECH EXPO that will be held in Bremen. This amazing event is the industry’s meeting place for space business, technology and innovation.


At the moment, Pioneers are also studying related technologies to the CubeSats, small platforms for scientific missions and demonstrations in orbit, on which the Polytechnic of Turin is working on. 

As Andrea tells us: “space has always fascinated me. Each mission, even the simplest, always represents a significant engineering and technological challenge due to the extreme operating conditions “.

There is no lack of passion, determination and skills: get ready to fly and be amazed!

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