Space Tech & Artificial Intelligence Teams won the Partner Tech Product Challenge Demo Day!

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The first 6 months of Pioneer, SEI’s project dedicated to High Tech Innovation, ended last Sunday. This program is reserved for selected students of the Alta Scuola Politecnica, the Collegio Einaudi, and the SEIplus Network. The winning teams of the Demo Day are Space Tech and Artificial Intelligence.

In these months 38 Pioneer, divided into teams, developed prototypes and innovative solutions to meet the challenges launched by international companies and institutions. They have to deal with 5 technological fields: Augmented and Virtual Reality, Robotics and Automation, Bio-Engineering, Space Tech, and Artificial Intelligence. Here are the 5 challenges and respective solutions presented on the occasion of the Demo Day:

AVMR Team worked on the development of Pilot, an instrument that uses augmented reality to revolutionize the world of work. This challenge launched by focused on understanding how these technologies can impact the company. our team, in fact, developed an application that helps workers to assemble parts produced by the company. 

Our Robotics & Automation Team instead focused on T-EYE, an automatic tool for optimizing production processes. The request of the Chinese company Efort Group was aimed at the detection and management of processing waste in the world of laser-cutting.

The Italian Institute of Technology instead led the Bio-Engineering Team in the creation of BIGUV. Their goal was to improve the enhancement of C02 obtained from agricultural waste. They were asked to develop solutions such as biofuels and other applications, with a focus on storage systems, keeping in mind the principles of the circular economy.

The Space Tech Team developed Ronza, a prototype that uses neural networks to improve satellite tracking systems and laser communications between satellites and Earth. Ronza reduces energy consumption, costs, and increases data transmission capacity. This was possible thanks to the support of the Turin and Milan Polytechnic and the mentoring of the ASI.

Finally, the Artificial Intelligence Team accepted the challenge launched by Reply and Sprint Reply, a company dedicated to digitization and Intelligent Process Automation. They have to develop Pepper’s skills and a new possible use-case for the robot. The students of the ASP turned Pepper into a Personal Trainer who is able to recognize free-body activities and athletes’ faces, to give feedback and support people during the training.

Pioneers achieved their first goal, but the journey into the world of entrepreneurship and innovation goes on. Now they have to choose whether to continue to work on the challenges launched by companies or to develop their own business idea.

The jury was composed of managers and experts from different fields: Vahe Ter Nikogosyan Global Digital Program and Process Leader at CNH Industrial, Maurizio Prete – Former Executive & Board Member in companies such as Redaelli Tecna Spa & Pirelli. Emilio Paolucci – Head of Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation of the Polytechnic of Turin and President of the Alta Scuola Politecnica, Silvia Petocchi – CEO of Collège des Ingénieurs Itali, and Andrea Griva – Vice President of our school, SEI.

Each team joined more than 20 workshops, we would like to thank the trainers who gave the main ones: Dietricht Wins for the Value Engineering Methodology, Alessandro Amelotti for the Agile & Scrum Methodology, Cristiano Ghibaudo and Silvia Demaria for their workshop on Soft Skills. Another big thank goes to the Mentors who helped the teams: Eugenia Forte, Edoardo Degli Innocenti, Maria Zaretskaya, Andrea Balestra and Ruggero Colombari.

Now that Pioneers are more confident thanks to the challenges faced, they are ready to launch their business idea. Stay tuned: you will discover them on the occasion of the final Demo Day to be held during the Italian Tech Week 2020!

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