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Former participant of SEI Inventor 2019 in the Detecto team, a web application that can simplify the fact-checking process for journalists and contrast the spread of fake news. In this project he fully meets his passion for accurate and punctual information: in fact, today Giorgio is a digital communicator. With his YouTube channels What’s Up Economy and What’s Up Business, followed by almost 50,000 people, so far he has reached a total of 2 million views.

Tell us more about what you do and what your projects are about

I deal with online economic divulgation, mainly on YouTube, with my two channels What’s Up Economy and What’s Up Business. The first channel is mainly dedicated to issues of political economy, finance and macroeconomics while on the second one I deal mainly with business, entrepreneurship and personal branding.

It started as a hobby while I was still studying for my master’s degree in Business Management, Marketing and Strategy in Turin. In recent months it has become a professional activity, thanks to the help of those who subscribe to my channel and support me, as well as economically, with their contributions and continuous feedback.

Lately I started to publish my content also on Instagram and Twitch, adapting to a younger target. My goal is to make quality economic information, being accurate and correct. In order to interpret what surrounds us I think it is essential to give a scientific reading of the world.

What is your relationship, today, with the entrepreneurial world?

Currently, becoming an entrepreneur is still a dream. I have tried several times to achieve it but for various reasons it has not happened yet. I hope it will happen in the future thanks to my social channels that are giving me the opportunity to have direct contact with the business world by being able to interview people who are part of it and who live it. Currently I am still self-employed but I hope to make that leap in the future!

How much has your journey with SEI influenced what you do?

I was already taking care of these channels when I participated in SEI Inventor. Even so, the journey gave me many more tools to move forward in my project and thus gain more awareness of the direction I wanted to move in to grow it.

Name three key skills you learned with us

The first skill was learning the importance of always testing everything. The experimental approach typical of startup projects teaches you not to be always satisfied with your idea, but to continue cyclically to refute or confirm it with experience and practical tests in order to explore and learn more and more about the environment in which you are operating.

Team working is the second, thanks to the fact that I was able to collaborate with a great team that gave me the opportunity to further develop my ability to work in a group.

The third is having learned to always have a clear and distinct vision of the “big picture” in front of me, that is, the horizon to which one is aiming. Having a clear idea of the ultimate goal of your project and trying never to lose sight of it is indispensable for not negatively influencing the activities you are carrying out in an attempt to reach it.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

As I said, my dream would be to become an entrepreneur. For me it would be very rewarding, based on my nature, to become a serial entrepreneur who opens and closes projects while always trying to continue creating. To me that is the purpose of an entrepreneur: to always create something new in the market. Ten years from now I hope to continue creating something interesting for other people.

Why would you recommend a SEI program to another person?

First, because there are incredibly competent, easy going people in the SEI team who know how to connect with students and give an incredible amount of feedback throughout the process. In addition to the great people in the SEI team, you can really learn a lot from the fellows because some really valuable people apply to the programs and the selection process in my opinion is top notch.

Finally, the speakers and guests are all very high profiles who really convey a lot to the class, give skills, advice and concrete support to help team projects or to guide people individually in their professional careers. All this, in my opinion, is further enhanced by a great overall human value; I have found this course useful also in increasing the amount of tools in my possession to live my life in a better way all round.

If you are curious to learn more about SEI Inventor, have a look here.

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