#SEIWeTalk: face to face with SEI students | Episode 10


Camilla Balocco, a graduate in Management of Information and Corporate Communication at SAA in Turin, is a 21-year-old girl born and raised in Turin, but with a great desire to discover new things. This led her to do an Erasmus in Germany and an internship in Brussels. In September 2020, Camilla participated in SEI Inventor. She is now working on a project with a team on circular economy, and following the InnoVentureLab pre-acceleration path.

How did you hear about SEI Inventor?

I learned about it through a good friend of mine, who wanted to participate. I thought it would be a nice challenge, especially the prototyping activity, as I had never had experience in this field. I then decided to participate to put into practice the lessons learned at the university, in the end I learned many new things.

What project did you work on during the programme?

My team, like many others, had a complicated path and we changed the project a thousand times. With a lot of optimism and collaboration we finally came up with Swhappy, a property exchange and cohousing platform that allows you to capitalise on your rent without affecting your freedom to move to other cities. 

What is your current focus?

I chose to study economics because it offers endless possibilities. I have yet to find my way, but I’m glad I don’t see a path mapped out in front of me yet. I like to change and in fact, although I love Turin, I often feel the need to discover new places and meet different people. In fact, as of today, I am about to start an internship in Brussels in a consultancy firm and I am working in a team on a personal project, with the support of the InnoVentureLab pre-acceleration programme.

How much has your path with SEI influenced what you do?

A lot. SEI brought me into the environment of innovation and startups, confirming that entrepreneurship can and should have aims beyond profit. The lessons learnt during SEI Inventor gave me the push I needed to start working more seriously on the project I mentioned before. In this regard, my team and I had the opportunity to get advice from SEIplus, the SEI alumni association.

What are the key concepts you learnt during SEI Inventor?

The main notions were

  1. Ideas change, the strong team remains;
  2. Focus on the problem, the solution will come later;
  3. ALWAYS ask and test, so you don’t have to redo everything at the end;
  4. Everyone makes mistakes, especially with first experiences. Don’t give up and learn your lesson.

Why would you recommend a SEI programme to another person?

The environment within SEI is very stimulating and you meet very open-minded people who always leave you with something. You learn a lot and think a lot. You will be surprised by yourself and what you can give to your team.

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