#SEIWEtalk: Face to face with Pioneer students | Episode 3


We interviewed three students from SEI Pioneer, the 12-month experience dedicated to a selection of the students of Alta Scuola Politecnica, Collegio Einaudi and SEIplus. Last but not least, today it’s Andrea della Libera’s turn, and here’s what he told us.

Why did you decide to join SEI Pioneer?

A: Before SEI Pioneer I knew little about startups, but the little I knew already fascinated me. Who wouldn’t want to be his own boss, to develop his own idea and to watch it grow and spread? Today, I probably don’t know anything yet, but there are  two things I’m sure of: the importance of teamwork and the validity of the advice obtained during my Pioneer year. 

Do you see yourself as a future entrepreneur? If so, why?

A: Absolutely yes! One of my greatest aspirations is to bring something of my own and unique into the world.

What do you want to do “when you grow up”?

A: Good question! I hope one day to have my successful startup! Unfortunately at the moment I’m focused on my graduation thesis, but as soon as I reach this goal I’ll take a break and I’ll look around to see if my future will be in someone else’s company or… in mine!

Describe SEI Pioneer with a sentence

A: Bravery, willingness to do and enthusiasm.

Tell us about the project you have developed during SEI Pioneer

A: Together with Simona, Giorgio and Johnny we developed DRUK: a pocket-sized device thought for conscientious smokers who care about those around them. You just need to attach DRUK to your normal cigarette, exhaling the smoke through it, and make all the polluting substances get trapped in this innovative filter system. DRUNK protects the health of those around you but nobody around you will ever notice it!

How has SEI Pioneer helped you grow and improve? Tell us more about your experience

A: During my university career, I never had the opportunity to work in a multidisciplinary team. But thanks to SEI Pioneer, I had the opportunity to experience the joys and sorrows of such an experience. Getting organized, being in tune and trusting other people is not easy: especially if you are far away or locked down at home! At the same time, without 3 incredible people working with me, I’d never have been able to create such beautiful presentations, to have all the brilliant ideas we had and to rejoice so much for our successes. The bond established with them and the network in which we found ourselves – thanks to SEI – are unique and priceless!

In your opinion, what are the qualities that cannot be missing in an entrepreneur?

A: Resourcefulness, above all! As an entrepreneur you have no deadlines, you are the master of your work and especially of how your project will evolve. There’s no future without the right sources, the right knowledge and the right people, but it’s the entrepreneur who must find them! Also, being flexible is crucial, because not only you don’t know the method by which to get to the final product, but you don’t even know the final product until the last second! In addition, you need sensitivity. You need the ability to identify with others – especially with your customers. You need to listen to the people around you and take advice from any criticism. An entrepreneur is ductile and malleable when working on his project, but as hard as a diamond when faced with failures and difficulties.

Would you recommend SEI Pioneer to other students? Why?

A: Yes, of course, the juice is worth the squeeze! The commitment required is not irrelevant, but with the right team hours and days will fly by (unfortunately, because the commitments are never lacking, but neither the laughter and the unrepeatable moments of sharing!). Entering the world of entrepreneurship with the help of SEI experts is an absurd boost not to be missed!

We really hope you enjoyed #SEIWEtalk! If you are curious to learn more about SEI Pioneer, have a look here.

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