#SEIWEtalk: Face to face with Pioneer students | Episode 2


We interviewed three students from SEI Pioneer, the 12-month experience dedicated to a selection of the students of Alta Scuola Politecnica, Collegio Einaudi and SEIplus because we were curious to know how it feels to be a Pioneer. 

So, last month we asked Daniele to tell us his feelings about the program and…his dreams and expectations for the future! If you missed it, don’t worry, you can make up for it by reading here. 

Today it’s Giuseppe Pastore‘s turn, here is what he confided to us.

Why did you decide to join the SEI Pioneer?

G: My passion for the startup world, together with my strong sensitivity towards the welfare of our society and the aspiration to contribute to its achievement were the main drivers that pushed me to join the program.

Do you see yourself as a future entrepreneur? If so, why?

G: Well, in a broader sense, I like to think of myself as an entrepreneur deeply rooted in the present time, but always with a look at the future. This, because I see every choice of mine as an investment for my tomorrow, like Pioneer. That’s because I feel that this experience has been an incredible chance of showing me a path where a unique mix of professional ambition, personal satisfaction, and my passions was not only definitely desirable, but also possible.

What do you want to do “when you grow up”?

G: My aspiration is not towards a role, but rather towards an ideal. I want to feel satisfied in actively contributing to the well-being of today’s and future society, in whatever way and role allows. 

Describe SEI Pioneer with a sentence

G: Pioneer is the ambitious mother who encourages her son to ride a bicycle without training wheels

Tell us about the project you have developed during SEI Pioneer

G: More than “just” suggesting the most suitable exercises for you, Gymnasio is a fitness assistant that motivates you and monitors your progress during all your home workout. It is an app-controlled posture tracking device whose core is to provide real-time feedback through an advanced A.I. algorithm.

Physical activity is essential to living a satisfying life: that’s where my team and I started.

And trying to democratize access to professional training through a small yet easy device was the essential next step. Our challenge was to combine the flexibility of common mobile applications with the professionalism of the feedback that the most modern gym equipment can provide.

How has SEI Pioneer helped you grow and improve? Tell us more about your experience

G: Pioneer has marked a real turning point for me, both personally and professionally, besides expanding my technical background, putting myself at stake in such a dynamic and innovation-oriented environment together with like-minded people. Pioneer helped me to discover more about myself and my peers. Moreover, Pioneer taught me to change my perspective and to see every moment of my life and every idea as a great opportunity to grab and put into use. To Pioneer I also owe one last thing: the skill to communicate my ideas at their best and to listen productively to others.

In your opinion, what are the qualities that cannot be missing in an entrepreneur?

G: A mix of (ir)rationality and vision, stubbornness, and flexibility, as well as self-awareness. Vision, to get away from the “AS IS” to imagine something extraordinary, like a self-driven car when the whole world says it’s impossible, for example. Rationality to root you to the ground and allow you to mix a viable and ideal future with your reality. Stubbornness to pursue your goals against all adversities and odds. Flexibility not to fall in love with just one idea, but to allow you to change course and shape one’s vision of the future when circumstances require it. Finally, great self-awareness to make all this work, alone and with others.

Would you recommend SEI Pioneer to other students? Why?

G: Pioneer is much more than a university project or a simple “course” to follow. It is the perfect mix of theory and hands-on experience, personal and professional growth. I would recommend it not only because my story has been very positive, but also because it has indelibly marked my expectations for the future and influenced the direction I have chosen to take to achieve them.

Stay tuned because #SEIWeTalk doesn’t end here. If you are curious to learn more about SEI Pioneer, have a look here

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