SEI Inventor Demo Day: here the ten prototypes of the 2020 edition


The second 2020 edition of SEI Inventor has just ended. Our ten-day bootcamp based  in Turin saw the participation of ten passionate and determined teams that   transformed their business ideas into functioning prototypes. 

Ten days of experiments, fun and focus: welcome to SEI Inventor

During these ten days, the students- or rather, the Inventors – had the opportunity to see their ideas taking shape, discussing together day after day and taking inspiration from the help of mentors. Between experiments, fun and focus , the Inventors learned to validate their idea, to prototype it and to present it through the pitch. Just like real startuppers.

→ In fact, Inventor wants to be a springboard for all students wishing to continue their journey between business ideas and big dreams.

The story of the Demo Day in ten prototypes

Hi-tech devices, multisensory platforms, up to the stars with a satellite: the prototypes exhibited during the Demo Day solve the most diverse problems and belong to the most disparate sectors.

BIP: a burnout prevention device capable of measuring stress levels thanks to biometric parameters and sending data to companies, so that they can assess and control the problem among their employees.

ESMET: a system capable of reproducing interactions similar to face to face meetings using holograms; it is designed for elderly people, it’s easy to use and it can automatically transform the user’s video images into a holographic signal.

Heerya: a compact and wearable device that allows you to hear your own voice amplified in case you are speaking too loud, in this way you will naturally tend to lower the volume of your voice.

Lacuna: a multisensory platform to make online lessons more similar to those in physical presence. You just need to access the platform, choose the seat you prefer and to put on the VR headset and headphones to allow you to hear the spatialized sound.

Lilo: a bicycle safety device that provides a lighting system and a lock for your bike; Lilo can signal braking and turning to the right or left, allowing all cyclists to be more visible in traffic.

Jason: a satellite capable of determining the exact composition of the asteroids in order to  determine the quantity and quality of the material to be extracted before proceeding with the mission. Jason will be able to extract information through a framing camera, a spectrometer, radio science technology and an AI algorithm.

JustGranny: a service that connects young people looking for a hand made meal with elderly people who can cook it for them; a way for young people to enjoy an affordable meal and for grandmothers to find good company to share their cooking skills with.

Savingbud: is the first pension plan that allows you to accumulate funds while shopping. With every purchase in an affiliated shop, you will in fact receive a cashback that will be automatically set aside in your private pension fund.

Swhappy: Many young people need to move often for work and find themselves forced to live on rent, because owning a home cannot provide them with the flexibility they need. Swappy wants to overturn this paradigm: it is an online platform that allows homeowners to live anywhere in the world, exchanging their properties according to their needs.

Utique: fast fashion represents a disposable consumption habit: we buy clothes and throw them away with the same ease. Utique wants to make us fond of every garment we buy: it is a platform of sustainable and personalized clothes, where we can choose every single detail, to make us feel more attached to our garments and reduce waste.

We want to congratulate all the students who participated during this edition, as some of you said “it was exhausting and unforgettable”. Special thanks go to Toolbox and Fablab for hosting us.

All this was possible also thanks to the support of: Fondazione Agnelli, CDI Italia, Camera di Commercio di Torino, Club degli Investitori, Gruppo Giovani Imprenditori Torino, Università degli studi di Torino, Politecnico di Torino, IAAD and UniCredit.

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