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What do Reply, the best students of the Alta Scuola Politecnica, and Artificial Intelligence have in common? The answer is simple: SEI Pioneer program.

Reply is a Consulting Digital Services and Technologies company. The company is specialised and focused on the design and implementation of business solutions, based on new communication channels and digital media. Reply leads customers towards success thanks to the introduction of innovation by adding value on the process. How can we make this possible? By taking advantage of the new paradigms of Big Data, Cloud Computing, Digital Communication, and IoT.

Innovation, excellence, and teamwork are Reply’s main values: that’s why we collaborate to create something unique. 


This year, Reply decided to challenge our Pioneers!

The challenge that has been launched is compelling: Reply asked our students to work on Artificial Intelligence, focusing on Pepper. It is a robot able not only to actively interact with humans but also to be capable of understanding non-verbal language. 

Reply, just like SEI, firmly believes learning is a hands-on activity, and because of that, the company asked the Pioneers to actively work on “Pepper”, one of the latest Humanoid Robots. “Pepper” is able to hold a conversation, understand and react to emotions, and Reply is developing many applications around “him”. Students will have to think about possible innovative applications of Pepper and to develop the robot itself by December.

The students embraced the challenge with enthusiasm, proof of it, one of the SEI Pioneers students openly mentioned “the possibility of working with other students on a university project characterised by such an innovative approach was an opportunity we couldn’t leave pass”.

Their passion for AI comes from the enormous potential that this technology offers, and from the possibility of “contributing to bringing what once was science fiction into the real world”.

They are doing their best to win the challenge and to leave their mark in the world of robotics and AI. The AI team, in fact, is composed of some of the best students from Politecnico of Milano and members of Alta Scuola Politecnica: Daniele Gusmini, Lapo Peruzzi, Andrea Sassella, Alberto Catalano, Giuseppe Pastore, Tabriz Nuruyev, Lagonigro Innocenzo and Andrea Megaro. They are assisted by two professors of the Alta Scuola Politecnica, Barbara Caputo and Cesare Alippi, specialists in AI & Embedded Systems, together with the help of our trainers and mentors of the School of Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Follow us to find out the amazing solutions that the Pioneers will develop and as well, to discover more about the other challenges for students!

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