Re Learn: turning garbage into a resource


Congratulations to Re Learn, whose team features one former Pioneer as well as several active members of SEIplus, who have recently been awarded the Mysocialimpact prize in Rome!

As part of the Myllenium Award 2020, Re Learn won the Mysocialimpact prize thanks to the significant role their smart bin, Nando, plays within circular economy. Re Learn won €10,000 euros, access to the Boston Innovation Gateway international acceleration program, the Special International Startup Award, the Special Ashoka Young Changemaker Award and the Special Investor Day Get it! Award from the Fondazione Social Venture Giordano dell’Amore. 

Nando the smart bin

Their prizewinning product is Nando: a smart bin able to classify and sort waste automatically. Nando incorporates the use of sophisticated technology such as image recognition based on an automated learning system. As a result, the smart bin can photograph waste, classify it while a gripper and a mechanical device simultaneously sort the rubbish into their relevant sections. Nando recognises and sorts plastic, paper, glass and aluminium (which represent the most common forms of urban waste), with high precision. 

Re Learn: innovations of today are solutions of tomorrow

The startup aims to improve waste separation in areas in which there are difficulties created by logistical or management issues. he use of their smart bin will help overcome said difficulties and turn rubbish into a resource. Their ideals are strongly based on the concept of circular economy: they want to move from the vision of “waste as a problem” to “waste as a resource”.

Find more about Re Learn here

Read more about the Myllenium Award 2020 here (in Italian)

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