R&A and CT teams win the SEI Pioneer Demo Day 2020!


Demo Day marked the end of the first phase of the Pioneer program, reserved for selected students from Alta Scuola Politecnica, Collegio Einaudi, and SEIplus and dedicated to deep-tech innovation at the School of Entrepreneurship & Innovation. Congratulations to R&A and CT teams for winning.

But let’s rewind the tape for a second: Pioneer students, divided into 5 teams – 5G, CT, JDaily, ST and R&A – developed prototypes and innovative solutions to meet the challenges set by GEDI Digital, Reply, COMAU, Leonardo and SAP.

The 5G team has built Droneet: a professional platform designed for search and rescue missions that, thanks to 5G connectivity, allows the remote control of a fleet of drones. Listen to the pitch here.

The CT team developed an energy management platform that not only provides a dashboard to analyze and predict the energy performance and environmental impact of buildings but also the ability to engage occupants and share knowledge among energy managers. Listen to their pitch here.

The AI team developed JDaily, which helps news agencies prepare for the delivery of personalized digital content. Articles are automatically summarized and transformed into new formats, such as podcasts or video, so end users can choose without sacrificing quality. Want to listen to their pitch? Here it is.

The ST team, on the other hand, has developed software that enables autonomous management of a fleet of drones in search and rescue missions. It quickly adapts to user requests and changes in the surrounding environment, making operations easier, safer, and faster. Find the pitch here.

Finally, the R&A team developed an automated debris recovery NIR sensor-based sorting system, integrated into an automated process that aims to address the specific issues of natural disasters in a mobile factory setting. To listen to their pitch, click here.

The jury was composed by Fabrizio Dolce (Net Reply), Giovanni Di Stefano (Comau), Stefania Bajo (UniCredit Start Lab), Leopoldo Mauriello (Microsoft), Stefano Martorana (Leonardo), Danilo Stamegna (Reply), Emilio Paoluci (Politecnico di Torino),  Alessandra Oppio (POLITECNICO DI MILANO), Laura Viada (Collegio Universitario Renato Einaudi Torino), Chiara Lurgo (Reply), Alessandro Mancinelli, Edoardo Degli Innocenti, Emmanuel el-Khoury, Aurora Terzani (Reply), Dietrich Wins and Carlotta Orlando.

Thanks to all the Pioneers for their effort and enthusiasm, to all the incredible mentors and companies for their support, and to UniCredit Start Lab for being the representative of our fantastic digital jury.

Cheers to you all, we are looking forward to spending with you the next six months of the program!

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