Podcasts for Young Innovators #2: STORIE DI BRAND by Massimo Corona


“Stories about men and women, stories about failures and successes, stories about dreams… stories about brand!” This week to cure your #Quarantech boredom, your #StayWithSEI recommendation is the podcast: STORIE DI BRAND which is produced and hosted by Massimo (Max) Corona. In a bitesize format of 14-20 minute episodes (available on all podcast platforms), listeners are introduced to the “stories behind the stories” of some of the world’s most famous brands. Just a heads up, it’s all in Italian!

Brand backstories

Did you know that a toaster is involved in the story of Nike’s birth? Or why a cereal carton played a crucial role in the success of Airbnb? What’s the relationship between a maths teacher in South Africa and Netflix? Max will answer these questions and more as he takes you on a time-travelling adventure through the creation of world-renowned brands such as: Wikipedia, Lonely Planet, Spotify, Whatsapp, Playboy and many many more. 

More than simple facts

The STORIE DI BRAND podcast delves into the crazy stories and tales that helped shape certain ideas into ultimately evolving into titans of the business world. The podcast is not only informative but taps into Corona’s playful personality as he entertains the listener with ease through his whimsical and playful banter: your ears will be glued to your headphones! 

This podcast is ideal for anyone:

  • who wants to learn about how small entrepreneurial ideas become monolithic brands;
  • who is looking for bitesize and easy to consume episodes; they’re perfect to listen to while you have breakfast;
  • who wants to be entertained: some of the stories are crazy!

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