SEI Pioneer First Edition Kickoff in collaboration with the students of ASP

SEI Pioneer participants 2018

The first group of SEI Pioneer meet at the headquarters of the School of Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Today marks the kick-off of the first edition of the SEI Pioneer program, in collaboration with Alta Scuola Politecnica. 30 selected students will be starting off their product development phase today, in the fields of Augmented Intelligence, Moblity Technology, Automation [&] Robotics and Bio-Engineering. The total program is 1 year long, of which the first 6 months will be devoted to Product Development, while the latter 6 months will comprise the Startup Development phase. Each of the projects will be involved in the wider theme of Deep Tech, which refers to fundamental breakthroughs in science and engineering that profoundly impact industries and people’s lives.

The participants met on 14th June 2018 at the Fondazione Agnelli in Turin and spent the morning in team-building exercises while the afternoon session was mainly devoted to crucial information about logistics, structure of the upcoming months, followed by the team having a one-hour long discussion with their respective academic mentors. The day ended with a briefing of the workshops held by Entrepreneurs and Venture Capitalists the next day.

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