Pioneer 2020 Launch


On Thursday 23 July, the latest edition of the SEI Pioneer program kicked off! 

What Pioneer is about

Pioneer is a 12-month high-tech innovation product and startup development experience dedicated to a selection of the students of the Alta Scuola Politecnica (ASP), Collegio Einaudi and SEIplus. This year, 33 students have been carefully chosen based on their outstanding merit and burning passion for innovation. 

The challenges

The Pioneers will be presented challenges by Raghu Movva (Managing Director at SEI) while in the presence of the this year’s partner companies:

  • Leonardo (Space Tech)
  • GEDI Digital (Artificial Intelligence)
  • Comau (Automation and Robotics)
  • Reply (5G)

all of whom are international companies recognised as leaders in the tech field.

What’s next

Over the next twelve months, these teams will be aided by SEI as they travel the path of innovative product development. Every Pioneer will learn about agile methodology, value engineering, user validation, and prototyping before the culmination of the first part of the project: a pitching session with the partner company that issued their respective challenge. 

The second half of the program will involve the Pioneer teams creating their own innovative startup by using all of their experiences and knowledge gained in the first six months. The end of the second phase will conclude in June 2021 with a public presentation in which the results of the startup development phase are presented to an audience of investors, companies, entrepreneurs and partners.

For more information about SEI Pioneer click here

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