Our first day of School: stats, students, start-ups and the paths we took

SEI School of Entrepreneurship Innovation Report 2019 news Torino

“The perfect starting point to learn how to develop an idea.”

It’s been a year of learning, both for our students and for ourselves.
Backing our students up was a thrill, and so was seeing them turn their dreams into something that’s solid enough to walk into the real world. It was uplifting to see them work in teams, develop their prototypes and eventually introduce their projects to professionals that believe in them just as much as we do.

“An inspiring, collaborative approach to business planning with participants coming from multiple disciplines.”

And yet, this is just the beginning. We feel bound to do more. We became aware that, to this new generation of entrepreneurs, social impact and sustainability are often worth more than profit. Still, it takes resources to have their ideas fulfill their potential: it takes space, funds, mentors. This is why we are working together with organizations and institutions to build a local network that can follow them through their first steps outside our School.

“From zero to startup, in a blast.”

Let’s also talk numbers: our programmes have a 80% rate of students who, after experience, look forward to becoming startuppers. Hard skills and soft skills multipliers go as high as 3x and 2x for each program, and two start-ups have received fundings well above €60.000.

“We created something that was only in our minds.”

With the goal of boosting the local start-up ecosystem, last year we organized something we are really proud of: Italian Tech Week, a week of innovation-oriented events for the main actors of the tech industry, to meet and discuss new opportunities. You can find out more and keep yourself updated about ITW on the social accounts: Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram. This was it, enjoy the read.

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