NOVIS won the special mention at the Unicredit Start Lab program


Congratulations to NOVIS, who have recently been awarded the special mention from the Unicredit Start Lab Digital Commission and will take part in the Unicredit accelerator program by September 2020!

NOVIS: play beyond limits

As we have mentioned in previous articles, NOVIS was born from the 2018 edition of the Inventor program. They developed BlindConsole, the first gaming platform 100% accessible to blind and visually impaired people. The system includes a controller and an App to be installed in your mobile phone. All you have to do is to pair the controller with your mobile’s Bluetooth, wear your headset and run a game from the platform. The player is guided within the virtual environment by the controller’s vibrations and the stereophonic sound.

Unicredit Start Lab: support young entrepreneurs, innovation and new technologies

The Unicredit Start Lab is an accelerator program for the best 60 startups selected every year by the Unicredit Start Lab Commission. The program provides all-round support to every participant, thanks to a dedicated team of mentors, entrepreneurs, advisors and partners of Unicredit Group.

The Startup Academy offers managerial training to the most promising startups in the Life Science, Clean Tech, Digital, and Innovative Made in Italy sectors within UniCredit Start Lab. The training sessions provide deep knowledge on key aspects of startups’ development through their life cycles, strengthen managerial skills of tech founders and create cross-connections between startups and strategic partners of the Start Lab platform.

Find more about NOVIS here

Read more about Unicredit Start Lab here (in Italian)

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