Novis, the startup that creates video games for the blind, is accelerated by SocialFare


If for a long time the idea of ​​creating video games for blind people would have seemed visionary, today this project has become reality, thanks to Novis and Inventor.

What is Novis Lab?

Novis is one of the startups Turin born during the 2018 edition of Inventor, our boot camp that turns ideas into prototypes in just 10 days. The goal was ambitious: revolutionize entertainment technology for the blind. In short, a visionary and disruptive project, in full SEI style.

The Inventors were clearheded: “We believe in a virtual reality that does not need eyes to be immersive“.

The first prototype

During the 10 days spent at the Fablab the team developed the first prototype that allowed people to play ping pong virtually thanks to a controller on a wooden racket and a pair of headphones. How is it possible? Sounds and vibrations make players understand when a ball is coming, its direction and if it has been hit.

After winning the second place at the boot camp, students continued to work hard. With the designer Flavio Accossato they created a more functional controller and a new app that, not having a graphic design, could be installed on your phone. As a result, you can play almost anywhere.

One of their strengths? The choice to actively collaborate with the visually impaired and blind local associations. They aim to develop games for the blind, with the blind.

It’s time for rewards

The adventure of Arianna, Enzo, Lorenzo, Enrico and Dario doesn’t stop there: Novis is one of the 4 startups accelerated by SocialFare. They have been selected for the seventh edition of Foundamenta, an acceleration program for startups and companies with a social impact.

This award makes us really proud of the work done by the Inventors and it becomes also a source of new strength for us, School of Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

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