New challenges for Pioneers: to revolutionize the world of work thanks to VR and AR

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The AR-VR team took up the challenge launched by on Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality, the aim of which is to develop new forms of human-machine interaction.

When we talk about Virtual Reality, the first thought goes to the world of entertainment. Actually, amazing opportunities lie behind these technologies. What if we decided to combine VR, AR and the world of work?

Here is the challenge launched to our Pioneers: to introduce Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality (AR – VR – MR) in work environments by 2025.


VR and AR can have a relevant impact on our society, starting from the educational system to work training purposes. These technologies can assist workers and improve productivity. It’s not just about support: the viewers could provide the missing know-how, guide workers step-by-step and warn them in case of danger. 

The challenge was launched by the German company, Physik Instrumente, a partner of exception who will guide our Pioneers during the project. The company, a leader in precision positioning technology,  upholds the fundamental values of excellence, customer centrality, and teamwork, such as SEI.


AR team is composed of six promising students from the Polytechnic of Turin and Milan who are attending the ASP. Giada, Daniele, Valentina, Amir, Paola, and Alessandra form a multidisciplinary team with expertise in engineering, design, and software development. To these skills is added the wide experience of Fabrizio Lamberti and Monica Bordegoni, professors of the Polytechnic of Turin and Milan and experts of AR and MR, and the support of SEI’s mentors.

Our Pioneers took up the challenge because they‘re aware of “the enormous importance of full development of these technologies in order to allow the integration and the implementation of the surrounding world, but also meet the needs of users”.

The challenge is launched and the team is ready: wear the visors … we’ll see some good!!

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