SEI Inventor: six new projects presented today

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Drones to paint ships and buildings without using scaffolding and eliminate safety risks; technologies that analyse passenger movements on trams and buses and identify those who do not pay for tickets; a solution that helps injured people to carry out physiotherapy exercises at home correctly… New INVENTOR (SEI) projects presented in Turin

A hard life for the “Portuguese”: with a technology designed to identify those who travel on public transport without paying the ticket, the “IPM” team won this year’s edition of INVENTOR, the program developed by the School of Entrepreneurship and Innovation that helps university students who are passionate about technology to realize their business idea. The prototype – also designed to analyze in aggregate form the movements of users and make the network of local public transport more efficient – was chosen as the most promising of the 6 original projects presented today at the Toolbox in Turin.

The jury – composed of Maurizio Cisi (Contact person for the Job Placement of the University of Turin), Shiva Loccisano (responsible for the technology transfer of the Politecnico di Torino), Riccardo Maiocchi (Technical Manager of the CLN Group) and Luca Ubaldeschi (Deputy Deputy Director of La Stampa) – evaluated the work of 30 young people, who in just 10 days conceived an entrepreneurial project and created with their own hands a prototype to demonstrate its technical feasibility, as well as the theoretical and market bases.

The 5 other business ideas include:
– a system for flying fleets of drones capable of painting large surfaces, such as ships, bridges and buildings, avoiding the cost of external scaffolding and eliminating the problem of safety;
– a software for physiotherapy rehabilitation that allows anyone to perform functional recovery exercises correctly even at home, correcting errors immediately;
– an application that uses augmented reality to simulate the functioning of electrical and electronic circuits, for educational and other purposes.
– a system that adapts the devices of today (mobile phones, computers, servers) and makes them ready to work with the internet of tomorrow, which is being experienced in these months to be decentralized, safe, and reliable.
– An application that helps rejected people and asylum seekers to integrate into society, overcoming language barriers and assisting them in solving the most immediate problems of everyday life.

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