7 new ideas from SEI Inventor


Devices for more inclusive education, buoys that collect microplastics in the seas, dynamic flowers that reflect domestic energy consumption… Today marks the end of the third edition of SEI Inventor: a bootcamp where 40 inventors have worked to transform their business ideas into working prototypes.

“We will fight the waste of energy with flowers. This was the first statement made by Wave, the team that won this edition of Inventor. And they weren’t kidding. During the demo day they presented a flower with three states that reflects domestic energy consumption: when the flower thrives the energy consumption is below average, when the flower begins to close it is exceeding the average energy consumption, and finally, when the flower folds back on itself the consumption is significantly higher than normal. An easy and fun way for the whole family, starting with the children, to become aware of the issue of energy saving.

The jury that decreed the victory, in the spaces of Toolbox and Fablab Torino that hosted us for the 10 days of the bootcamp, was composed of: Giancarlo Rocchietti (President of the Investors’ Club), Anna Siccardi (Business Angel and member of the Investors’ Club), Chiara Ventura (CRT Foundation), Pietro Puglisi (VC), Claudia Luise (La Stampa) and Matteo Giovannetti (I3P).

The other 6 teams worked on:

Bonfire: a hardware and software device for education that adapts to any type of learning
Zibby: an autonomous robot for beach cleaning
Goloso: a platform for connecting small producers and restaurants
Buoy: a buoy capable of collecting and measuring microplastics in the seas
DataX: a virtual reality game to discover how our data is collected and processed
Woosh: a dishwasher for the sink

The Inventor program is over , but the activity of the SEI continues.
Our goal is to create a community of young people who are passionate about entrepreneurship and innovation and who support us in transforming Turin into a city where anyone can realize their entrepreneurial dream. From today our community becomes a little bigger!

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