Fantasmagorica: using technology to tell stories of the past


In order to celebrate #InternationalMuseumDay2020, we at SEI want to showcase how technology is able to impact our connection with the past. For that reason, we would like to present a project by one of our Pioneer Teams which marries art and technology: the app Fantasmagorica.

About the Project 

Fantasmagorica: a mobile app that aims to revolutionize the visiting experience at architectural and historical sites, thanks to the use of modern technology.  They want to replay history by taking advantage of the powerful technology found in smartphones today. This mobile app was conceived and developed during the SEI Pioneer program. 

About the SEI Pioneer Program

The SEI Pioneer program is a 12-month experience during which 30 students from the Alta Scuola Politecnica ASP develop a high-tech product guided by companies, and then launch their innovative high tech startup. 

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