Inventors and Changers at Mini Maker Faire, Turin

Torino Mini Maker Faire

Students of the School of Entrepreneurship and Innovation exhibit their projects at the Turin Mini Maker Faire

On the weekend of 2nd and 3rd of June, some of the students of the School of Entrepreneurship & Innovation (SEI) took part as exhibitors in the Turin Mini Maker Faire.

They were from two of the SEI programs: Matherialize, Good Habits Lab and NoVis from the first edition of SEI Inventor, and all of the teams from the current edition of SEI Changer.

Take a look at how much fun they had!

From Inventor, we had:


A system that allows you to visualize abstract concepts, such as mathematics, thanks to augmented reality.


Worky:  A smart device that monitors your posture and helps you to maintain a healthy one alerting you when you aren’t.


A hardware and software platform for making virtual gaming experiences accessible to sightless people. In the photo, visitors are trying out their prototype of a table tennis game.

On the other hand, the teams of SEI Changer had the opportunity to collect a lot of feedback right before the final demo day on the 25th of June.

While Inventor is an intensive proptotyping boot-camp of ten days, Changer is a five-month Impact Innovation program in which interdisciplinary teams work to solve global challenges by building scalable projects based on CERN and Politecnico di Torino technologies.


Would you like to learn more from the SEI? Stay tuned!

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