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Andrea Griva, Massimo Lapucci and Gemma Milne will take part in OGR-SEI Torino Forum

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Discover more about Andrea Griva, Massimo Lapucci e Gemma Milne, speakers that will take part in our OGR-SEI Torino Forum.


Andrea Griva is a professional journalist with 20+ years of experience in media relations and communications in the automotive and finance industries. He studied in France and in Italy, where he received a Maîtrise en Information et Communication (Lyon and Paris). He also had a Master’s Degree in Communications (Turin).

Griva runs SEI, the entrepreneurship school established in Turin by the Agnelli Foundation and 9 other public and private partners, which has four action-learning programs, 200 students/year, and a growing pool of talents and ideas. He is among the promoters of the Italian Tech Week, Italy’s largest event on innovation and technology.


Massimo Lapucci is CEO of “CRT Foundation”, a foundation of banking origin based in Turin and Secretary General of “CRT Foundation for Growth and Development”, a foundation primarily focused on venture philanthropy and impact investing. He is also Chair of the European Foundation Centre (EFC) in Bruxelles, the network of institutional philanthropy which unites over 350 members (eg. Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Rockfeller Brothers Fund) from nearly 40 countries, including the USA. As EFC chair Massimo has been recently part of the core team that published the “Manifesto for European Philantropy”.

Massimo is also Managing Director of OGR, an SPV created to transform a  former large industrial building in the centre of Turin into the largest Venture Philanthropy initiative in Europe. Massimo is also Vice President of the Social Impact Agenda for Italy. He has been a World Fellow at Yale University since 2006.


Gemma Milne writes about science, tech and the broad cultural issues surrounding their advancements, with a focus on deep tech (biotech, agriculture, energy, space, health, quantum computing, AI) – essentially everything that comes out of science labs and into the real world. She is a science startup advisor – scouting them for funds, and helping them tell their stories.

She also co-founded Science: Disrupt, a media org connecting and showcasing those innovators, iconoclasts and entrepreneurs creating change in science. Science: Disrupt runs a series of London-based evening events, with on average 100-120 attendees, featuring themes such as Future of Health, Future of Energy and Advanced Computing.


Follow us to find out the other guests of OGR-SEI Torino Forum!

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