If you’ve ever wondered what skills a young wannabe entrepreneur should have, we’ve found at least 9 of them.

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We often ask ourselves what are the qualities and characteristics (traits) that every young startupper should have. Becoming an entrepreneur and launching your own start-up requires courage, but the satisfaction of seeing a project taking shape under your eyes is the best gift you can get. Here is a list (or a reminder) of the 9 fundamental skills that will help all of you, wannabe entrepreneurs, to continue on your path between projects, challenges and dreams that come true.

Ps. We believe in you.


Enthusiasm / Passion

It may seems an obvious thing to say, but the passion and enthusiasm for your ideas and your job are the engine that turns everything on. Knowing how to face the days with a positive drive, moved by what you believe in, not only makes the work of you young startuppers more beautiful, but also that of those who come into contact with your projects. Make sure to convey your passion to others, it will help you achieve your goals and your enthusiasm will become contagious.

Communicative sensitivity

Let’s repeat it together: “Words are weapons”. Whether they are written or said aloud, it doesn’t matter, words have immense power. Communicative sensitivity is essential for every wannabe entrepreneur (and not only!): whether it is the language to be used with the public, with employees or with colleagues, this must be inclusive and free of prejudice. Furthermore, it should also be clear to everyone, for a transparent communication. Putting more heart and thoughts into your days has never hurt anyone, don’t forget that.

Out-of-the-box thinking

You have probably heard it a million times: thinking outside the box means thinking in a different and unconventional way, looking at the world and things from a new perspective. Every wannabe entrepreneur should be able to break the mold, because changing your point of view can bring out new visions seemed impossible to reach.

When you are in difficulty or in the midst of the creative process, turn your point of observation upside down; either physically (turning a piece of paper, for instance) or metaphorically (twisting your ideas).


Team work

Take a group of people who work well together, add a pinch of fun and you’ll create a winning team. Strengthening the bonds between the members of a group helps to achieve the set goals more efficiently. A cohesive team of organized people working together is a team that works better. Besides, it’s nice to feel part of a team you can trust, respect each other and even accept each other’s differences. How to do it? Creating moments of sharing, events to participate in all together and including every person. Even outside of work, of course. Connecting with others will help you in your personal and professional growth.

Time management

Good time management allows you to work smarter and achieve more in less time, even when time is tight and pressures are high. Working smarter improves productivity and it’s all about organizing and planning how to divide the time between specific activities. No matter how, everyone has their preferred method. Not knowing how to manage the time harms your effectiveness and can cause stress. And, off the record, nobody wants to be stressed out.


Get informed, put into practice what you study and what you see, try it and rely on your inner resources. Do your best.



No, it is not just a word to be tattooed on the skin, but it’s what gives people the emotional strength to cope with difficulties and adversities. Resilient people use their resources, strengths and abilities to overcome the challenges they face: it’s a bit like climbing a mountain without a trail map with a not so good weather, but once you reach the top, fatigue seems to be just a memory and it makes room for a relieved smile. Business life is no picnic, but knowing how to deal with gray days is a key advantage.


The key to proactivity lies in improving productivity by finding incisive and fitting ways to address all aspects of one’s work; it goes through calm and reasoned choices but also through the ability to prevent problems or to meet the needs of one’s business, in order to work with a better organization.


Keep your goal in mind and keep trying, until you get the result you want. It is true that you always start by taking the first step, but stay focused on the destination and, in the meantime, enjoy the journey.

Do you think you have all the skills you need?

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